Odette's house

We decided to create this home of life, a haven of peace where love and serenity reign, offering much-deserved rest for all these old people. Having lived a long life of hard work and endurance in order to live, survive and provide for their families.

A place where people meet, talk or simply share their stories, but not only that!

This house where positive energies and discovery are the key words of what we want to bring them in their daily life by offering them activities.

Desired background

The Désirée fund is a private fund created in 2021 to finance education in schools located in remote villages in Togo, West Africa.

Our goal is above all to support children in their life journeys
by promoting their access to education, by giving them the opportunity to see further and rise higher.

To do this, we are developing a relationship of trust in partnership with local schools to achieve the objective of an enrollment rate close to 100%.

The children of today are the future of tomorrow, these pure hearts, often left to their own devices, are like angels sent by God, our duty is to protect them and help them succeed and give them the opportunity to see further, and to believe in their dreams.

Help us accomplish this mission, hundreds of children will have the chance to be educated, but also and above all to have the necessary equipment to learn and discover the various facets of the world.

Helping us means helping them, don't hesitate to make a donation, whether financial or material.

The story of a love for design, interior decoration and more particularly floral art. Blush&Blossom founded by Sarah Lev-Ran, young mother entrepreneur 2.0 based in Belgium, of Togolese and Israeli origin.

Always passionate about the beauty of flowers, she loves to amaze, to surprise, and simply to be there where you don't expect her! The decision was made, to succeed in taking you further than you could have imagined by creating a unique concept which combines a soap flower with an elegant design, a luxurious consumer product and much more... It is at After two years of research and development, she created Blush&Blossom and succeeded in obtaining the perfect combination between floral compositions and the originality of her product, thus arousing intense emotion among her customers.

A committed woman, who decides to fight the battles to which she feels close, such as: women, children, and the elderly living in Africa, she created a fund in the sweet name of her grandmother "Désirée"... And is dedicating a collection to her in 2021 which will donate a percentage of the profits from this edition to her association "La Maison d'Odette".

"The utopia of a rest home, as in my dreams, must be worthy of this name, that is to say, it must bring this carefreeness, this tranquility, this distraction, this ultimately so deserved rest "