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How are the petals used?

  • Slightly detach a rose petal

  • Immerse your hand and the petal under hot water

  • Rub your hands well to lather the petal

  • Rinse your hands to complete the experience

Take care of your skin.

Perfect hydration

Our Coconut Blush&Blossom Serum softens and hydrates your skin thanks to its glycerin-rich content. Nourish and keep your skin young thanks to glyconic acid which helps to tone and exfoliate your skin to maintain a luminous complexion.

Skin that comes back to life

With just 3 drops to apply to clean skin, you will maintain your elasticity and allow your skin to regenerate. This coconut-based serum is to be applied to dry, oily or combination skin. Made with natural and vegan products, we want to offer you the best to obtain quality skin.


A unique product

In keeping with the times, this product is available in different formats and colors. Each size consists of a number of roses set in its own box. The color palette of each rose evolves over the months, seasons and various holidays. It constantly offers its customers something new and a surprise.


A unique feeling

The perfect gift to celebrate a birth, a birthday, a special person. Blush&Blossom is created with love, passion and attention to detail in the capital of Europe, our boxes bring balm to the heart with the softness and purity of the rose petals they contain.


A love story

The story of a love for design, interior decoration and more particularly floral art. Blush&Blossom founded by Sarah Lev-Ran, young mother entrepreneur 2.0 based in Belgium, of Togolese and Israeli origin.

Always passionate about the beauty of flowers, she loves to amaze, to surprise, and simply to be there where you don't expect her! The decision was made, to succeed in taking you further than you could have imagined by creating a unique concept which combines a soap flower with an elegant design, a luxurious consumer product and much more... It is at After two years of research and development, she created Blush&Blossom and succeeded in obtaining the perfect combination between floral compositions and the originality of her product, thus arousing intense emotion among her customers.

A committed woman, who decides to fight the battles to which she feels close, such as: women, children, and the elderly living in Africa, she created a fund in the sweet name of her grandmother "Désirée"... And is dedicating a collection to her in 2021 which will allow a percentage of the profits from this edition to be donated to her association "La Maison d'Odette".

"The utopia of a rest home, as in my dreams, must be worthy of the name, that is to say, it must bring this carefreeness, this tranquility, this distraction, this ultimately so deserved rest "